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Photon-HDF5 Converter

Online service to convert files to Photon-HDF5.

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Photon-HDF5 Online Converter

This is a demo service to convert data files to Photon-HDF5 without the need to install any software.

The supported file formats are PicoQuant's HT3 (ns-ALEX or PIE), Becker & Hickl's SPC/SET (ns-ALEX or PIE) and the μs-ALEX format SM (a format used in the Weiss Lab at UCLA). For each supported file format, we provide a Jupyter notebook that contains both the instructions and the code to convert the file.

To launch the demo, click on the following button:


For instructions on how to use the notebook interface, see this page. For an overview of what Jypyter Notebook is, please refer to the Jupyter Project Homepage and to this nature paper (which includes an interactive demo).

Install the converter locally

Under the hood, this demo service runs the phconvert software. You can install phconvert on you own desktop following the instructions on the phconvert homepage.


For questions or comments please:

How was this demo built?

This online demo uses to run the Jupyter notebooks included with phconvert. Many thanks to Jeremy Freeman and collaborators for providing this amazing service.